For start-ups

Do you need to develop a technology-heavy killer app to disrupt the market? Do you need to develop a full stack app which scales, provides awesome front end and intelligent algorithms at the backend?

You feel you need to analyze data or apply the latest innovation from the field of the artificial intelligence, however, you are not sure. The deadlines are crazy and you have a limited number of professionals in-house. We love the excitement of start-ups, their tight schedule, and their unrealistic aspirations coming true. Give us a call and we can work things out really quickly.

For established companies

The technology goes forward in giant leaps and you need to innovate to be competitive. We will deploy some of our solutions or develop a brand new application for you to keep you up to speed.

We can revamp your logistics processes, redesign the cargo routes. We can plan your production processes or the way inspections are carried out by your employees. We love to deploy solutions on global scale or disrupt tens of years old business processes full of paperwork. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your challenges.

For government organizations

We love the visionaries in government organizations who want to change the world. And if they find a brave sponsor to support their ideas, the last piece of the puzzle is us, the company to develop the solution.

End the war on drugs? Transport blood in Africa with drones? Save the mangrove forests in Nigeria? Help to catch the pirates in the Indian Ocean? We want to change the world with you. We are not building schools nor water wells. But software? Yes, we are in. Do not hesitate to contact us and think what we can achieve together.

For ourselves and our clients

Except the on-demand software development we have also developed our own full stack software solutions. We love data analysis, we love playing with image recognition and with cameras, we want to catch all the bad guys with game theory and we want to give our scheduling software into the hands of every operator around the world.

Are you interested? Then stop by and have and have a chat.

We make strategic inspections easier

Scheduling of inspections in public transportation systems

can be demanding due to avoidance strategies of the passengers without a ticket. Additionally, mobile application sharing inspectors' locations call for an unpredictable and dynamic inspections.

Petrol station inspection

is another complex task carried out by both government bodies as well as by private companies. Comprehensive inspection strategy, cost minimizing routing and quick reaction on incidents requires advanced planning tools.

Clinical trials

are costly procedures taking months to be completed and devouring a huge amount of money. Improper inspection strategy could allow doctors and patients to be sloppy and invalidate collected samples. Schedule inspections with us!

Technical Solution

Robust and flexible system able to generate schedules for a variety of domains.

Game-theoretic module for an optimized randomization and schedule unpredictability.

Mobile app for inspection guidance and on-site data collection used for real-time data analysis.

A Rich data analysis module to understand results and to learn from past mistakes.

Have a look at our white papers:

Intelligent Logistics

Visualization of logistic routes

combined with metrics computing route performance broken down to individual customers and subsidiaries for each day is a perfect tool for the operator assessing performance of the system.

Periodic goods distribution

is a complex task which requires every-day fleet management and reaction on acquisition of new customers and road modifications. We will help you to plan routes as your business evolves.

Periodic sampling and collection

is a typical task for many inspection companies. Routing of multiple vehicles which have to deliver samples back to the lab is very challenging. Let us help you with that!

Technical Solution

Painless every day route planning with time constraints in a few minutes, just a click away.

Replanning of routes as a reaction to unforeseen events will save your business.

Smart visualization allowing analysis of the fleet performance and of the resource utilization.

Extensive data analysis module will show you the weaknesses and potential for improvement.

Have a look at our white papers:

Physical Security

Persistent patrolling and surveillance

algorithms can be deployed to protect pristine areas with your rangers, to protect fishing grounds with airplanes or to scan sea for illegal activities with your ships.

Infrastructure monitoring

with unmanned aerial vehicles allows persistent surveillance of various types critical infrastructures, ports or VIP facilities against intelligent or opportunistic intruders.

Analysis of criminal data

can reveal a number of hidden patterns, crime dynamics and the adaptation of criminals to your patrolling schedule. Make an informed decision based on the data mining results.

Technical Solution

Algorithms are based on optimization techniques and thus provide solutions which tries to maximize utilization of existing resources.

We know how to deal with possible observability of the security forces. The computed strategy is thus robust to observation or system theft.

We can combine heterogeneous resources such as human patrols, vehicles and cameras to provide tight security with minimal breach probability.

Security resources can be combined with sensors which provide additional information. The more data the more insight.

About us

Blindspot Solutions was started in 2013 by professionals with a deep knowledge in software development of complex systems, applied artificial intelligence and data analysis. We started our company with the vision of developing software solutions for physical security domain and later added a wide range of optimization and data science applications.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic. This gives us the unique opportunity to access to the best talent in both computer science and business and grow the company at a steep rate while being close to many of our customers.

Ondřej Vaněk

Chief Executive Officer, Cofounder

Ondřej is an applied researcher focused on the state-of-the-art algorithms for strategic inspections and security where he applies latest results from game theory and mathematical optimization techniques to find optimal and easy-to-implement solutions.

Štěpán Kopřiva

Chief Technology Officer, Cofounder

Štěpán is an engineer and researcher with a broad experience in building diverse distributed systems ranging from air traffic control advisory tools to enterprise software. Štěpán was also part of the Java EE 7 development team while working for Oracle.

Michal Pěchouček

Chief Strategy Officer, Cofounder

Michal is a professor at the Czech Technical University in Prague with a deep knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Michal has a broad experience in leading highly technical research teams and in coaching start-up leadership.

Are you the one?

Do you want to excel in what you love to do? Do you love to do what we are doing? Then it seems you would excel in making our company great.


We are sitting in the heart of Prague at the campus of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Visit us at:
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